Thursday, May 26, 2011


weight: 171
(dinner at Peter's parents is never great for my waistline but oh is so yummy!)

breafast: cereal=240c
lunch: 1c spanish rice (400c), 6 cookies (690c)=1090c
I KNOW!!! I'm the epitome of healthy today.  Damn my period and damn eating out of boredom.
snack:  You thought it couldnt get worse?  Yeah, well...  10 more cookies throughout the afternoon...=1115c
dinner: @ Subway (est: 350c), shared kids size of ice cream with Bobby and Maya (est: 300c)=650c

Total: 3095c
Net: 2795c

took 2 walks with kids, burned 300c total

BAD DAY.... Like really... Ugh :(