Saturday, May 28, 2011


weight: 170c

breakfast: homemade GF dried fruit muffin (195c) and dried fruit & choc chunk muffin (230c)=425c
pre-dinner snack: veggies, dip, and tortilla chips, 12oz red wine (270c)=620c
dinner: 3 chicken wings (500c), salad (150c), grilled veggies (150c), veggie potpie topped with potatoes (300c)=1100c
dessert: 3 GF choc choc-chip cookies (180c) with fresh fruit (90c) and freshly whipped cream (100c)=370c

Total: 2515c
Net: 2275c

took walk with kids to downtown, burned 140c
took evening walk with kids, burned 100c