Tuesday, May 3, 2011


weight: 171

breakfast: cereal=240
lunch: chicken salad (300c) on flatbread (90c) with cheese (70c)=460c
snack: rice cakes (130c) and soft cheese (70c)=200c
snack: flatbread crackers (60c) and crab dip (80c)=140c
snack: carrots (70c) and french onion dip (110c)=180c
dinner: gourmet salad {greens, tomato, carrots, feta salsa, yellowfin, mushrooms} (470c), cheesecake (215)=685

Total: 1905c
Net: 1635c

Took 2 walks, 40 minutes each, pushing the stroller: burned 135c each; total burned : 270c