Friday, May 6, 2011


weight: 171
(thank you, lack of self control at the Indian buffet!!)

breakfast: cereal=130c
lunch: soup (160c) and crackers (130c), pudding (60c)=350c
snack: rice cakes (130c) and cheese (70c)=200c
snack: crackers (260c) and crab dip (140c)=400c
snack: ice cream (100c) and brownie (140c)=240c
dinner: salmon (140c) with tomato salsa (40c), pasta salad (220c), and steamed veggies (50c)=450c
postworkout snack: rice cakes (50c) with cheese (70c) and turkey (60c)=180c

Total: 1950c
Net: 1495c

3 walks: burned 210c
20min walk around town
20min walk to playground
20min walk home

20 min run/walk to gym: burned 100c
25min strength training: burned 45c
20min run/walk home: burned 100c
burned: 245c

total burned: 455c