Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day

(and as a special gift to myself, I didnt even look at the scale!)

Brunch: shrimp (270c) and flatbread pizza (215c)=485c
PreRun Snack: rice cakes (155c) and soft cheese (80c)=235c
PostRun Snack: wrap (60c) with cream cheese (60c) and turkey (50c)=170c
Dinner: fillet mignion with roasted potatoes and spinach, 1/4 slice of salmon, 1/2 slice bread, 4 chips with hummus, 1 piece of baby bok choy, 2 glasses wine, 1 cup of chai, 1/4 choc chip cookie, 3/4 flourless chocolate cake slice with ice cream=est. 2000

Total: 2890c
Net: 2355c

Jogged for 40 minutes, burned 345c
Walked for 20 minutes, burned 170c
Total Burned: 535c