Sunday, May 1, 2011

Month in Review: April 2011

I began April 1st weighing 179.5 lbs with a BMI of 28.1.
As of May 1st, I weigh 172 lbs and have a BMI of 26.9

Overall, I have lost 68 lbs and 10.7 BMI points.
For the month of March, I worked out 43 times, with a mix of running, walking, using the elliptical, strength training, swimming, and biking.  This averages to more than once a day!  (sometimes several exercises took place on the same day, hence the 2-to-1 ratio on some days)

My calorie goal per day for February was to consume 1700 calories.  I averaged 2036 per day.  This is 336 over my increased goal, and is a fairly large increase from last month.  I have got to do better with my eating and I need to stop self sabotaging!!!

I am so close to being 20 pounds away from my goal and I find myself self-sabotaging more and more.  Although I'm hitting major strides in my long runs, I need to be more diligent in re-evaluating food choices.  I know what I need to do, but I find that I am my own worst enemy.  I need to recapture the strength I had in the beginning and stop pretending that I'm in a maintenance phase.  I dont want to have to work out to simply mitigate calories.  I want to continue making good, positive choices.  And, although I do 'overall', I know that I need some serious day-to-day tweaks.

Easter 2011; 172.5 lbs