Monday, May 9, 2011

The Week in Review, 5/2-5/8

I started out blogging with the scale reading: 171.5 lbs
As of this morning, the scale reading: 173 lbs
Total Weight GAINED:  1.5 lbs
This is worse than last week.

Exercise Goal: 4x/wk

Actual Exercise: 7x over 5 days

This week, I wanted to keep my calories around 1700 calories per day.
My best day logged 1825 calories and my worst day logged 2890 calories.
My average calories, per day, for the week, were 2232 total calories
This is better than last week.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being a complete success with no regrets, I would give this week a 5.  I think my biggest issues were nervous, emotional eating that stemmed from the adoption news we received last weekend, as well as some self-sabotage eating as a result of hitting 170.  I'm lucky that I'm only at 173!  Which, even though it's a weekly gain of 1.5 lbs, I was down to 170 and so I'm up 3 pounds, which is upsetting.  But it is of my own making.  I am stronger than the urge to eat... I am stronger than the cookie on the plate...  I can do this.  I know that.

I feel like my portions are under control for the most part, which is a good thing (let's ignore the massive cereal event of the week or the Indian buffet!), but sometimes it's the actual choices I'm making.  I give myself a pass for Mother's Day, since I told myself I'd order whatever I was in the mood for (and honestly, yesterday isn't where I made the worst food choices, so I'm happy with that!).  It was a delicious dinner, and I really enjoyed it.  Could I have split the cake with someone or taken half home?  Yes, but it was a small portion and oh-so-good, so I'm happy I indulged in that.

Other than wanting to hit 159 by my birthday (in a month) which I'm thinking most likely wont happen (and that's okay), I bought a designer size 8 dress from the consignment store (for only $12!!!) that I want to wear for our anniversary dinner on June 17th.  Right now, it goes on, but wont zip all the way.  I can wear some 8s, but the whole "designer" thing means those items I bought (2 slacks and this dress- again, total: $22!!!) are too small still.  I know that I need to drop a good 10 pounds by the 17th if I have a prayer of wearing this dress.  That's my new prize.  Focus on the goal, Michele!!!  The extra food when you arent hungry... The mindless eating... Are they worth not being able to fit in that cute special dress on your 13th anniversary dinner?  OF COURSE NOT!!!