Monday, September 5, 2011

The Week In Review, 9/1-9/4

The new layout for the week in review is slightly different.  Because my food journaling will be more lenient, the WIR summary is also a bit more lenient.

Starting Weight: 173.5 (9/1/11)
Ending Weight: 173.5 (9/4/11)
Comments: I'm lucky I dont weigh several pounds more with the crap I've eaten over the last 24 hours.  I'm so angry at myself.  It really just pulls at my gut that I lost my control so much over the weekend.  But, today is a new day.  And I know that, deep down, I am stronger than my demons. 

Exercise: I ran on 2 of 4 days. 
Comments:  This week sucked for running.  After a great run last weekend, I blew it off this week, except for one 2 mile run, and then attempted a long 14 miler.  I made it through 11 miles and only with several walk breaks.  The positive was that I ran up and over and back Spring Mount (ran the entire thing) but that was the highlight of a rather blah run.  Only I would consider an 11 mile outting a failure. :(

Thoughts:  This was one of those weekends where my hidden demons came to the surface and it really hit me how much of a lifelong struggle this will be.  I was watching TV with a friend and we ate cereal, from the box, as a snack.  I have no idea how much I consumed.  Then, the next day, because I had a bad run (seriously, 11 miles is never bad, but whatever) I polished off a bag of rice chips and God only knows how many servings of jelly beans.  It wasnt pretty.  I'm surprised I didnt gain 10 pounds in one night.  The worst part was that I knew it wasnt helping- neither health wise nor by making me feel better- and yet, I just kept going. Not my finest moment.