Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 16-22, 2012

I've been a little lax.  I hear you.  I'm happy to report that my lifestyle hasnt changed my weight but, at the same time, I've got that last 25-30 pounds that I still want to drop.  Logging in to record stuff is just too much it seems.  But I found a great book on the bargain table at B&N that is basically my blog in a nutshell!  So I'm recording by hand and, although I wont put in every thing I eat, I can at least keep a log of calories in by day and, hopefully, see the final journey of this extra weight!

Date: 16th
Weight: 178
Total Calories: 2290
Exercise: yoga (20 minutes)

Date: 17th
Weight: 179
Total Calories: 1730
Exercise: run (2 miles)

Date: 18th
Weight: 177
Total Calories: 2790
Exercise: yoga (20 minutes)

Date: 19th
Weight: 179
Total Calories: 1835
Exercise: yoga (60 minutes)

Date: 20th
Weight: 179
Total Calories: 1845
Exercise: run (3.5 miles)

Date: 21st
Weight: 176
Total Calories: 1840
Exercise: yoga (30 minutes)

Date: 22nd
Total Calories: 2195
Exercise:run (2 miles)

Total Calories for the week goal: 11,900
Total Calories for the week: 14,545
Difference: +2645