Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Back To Business

On July 2nd, Michael was born!  He was a healthy 7lbs 5oz and 20.5" long at 36w5d gestation.  Born on a Tuesday at 12:50pm, he came home with me on the Friday (at around the same time, LOL).  We went back to the hospital Saturday late afternoon and stayed until Sunday at lunchtime, so that he could be under photolight therapy since his discharge bloodwork and a follow up round on Saturday showed elevated bilirubin.  But, otherwise, it's been fine and I'm now 2w1d postpartum and my little guy is 2 weeks (and 1 day!) old!

I was cleared to begin cardio at 2wPP, so yesterday was my first run since my last race on June 15th.  2.5 miles (with a 1/3 mile walk to start, 1/10 mile walk in the middle, and 1/4 mile walk to end) in 36 minutes.  Not too shabby for just getting back with a month off and two weeks off abdominal surgery!  (Thankfully, this c-section has been wwwaaayyy easier than my first!)  At this point, I'm hoping for 3 times a week through the end of the month and then I'll figure out if I want to keep that schedule for August or try and up it to 4 times a week.  I have my 4wPP visit on the 31st and, hopefully, will be cleared for yoga and all exercise at that point.

Here are some pictures of where we have been...
36w5d- delivery day! 230 lbs

3 days post partum (not sure about my weight)

9 days post partum: 217 pounds
2w post partum: 210 pounds
I ran the marathon at 175 pounds, which is considered my starting weight for Michael's pregnancy (since I didn't weigh myself in between then and getting pregnant a few days later).  I gained 55 pounds and hit 230 pounds,  As of today, the scale reads 207 pounds.  I'd like to be in the 190s by my 4w PP OB visit, and my goal is to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by the time November 1st rolls around. :)  We shall see.  I'm not counting calories right now because I'm breastfeeding and trying to just eat healthy choices when I feel hungry.  Staples seem to be Greek yogurt and PB&J sandwiches.  As I adjust to a new little one, I hope to get back to using my calorie app because it was mind opening and kept me honest. 

So, 207 now means about 32 pounds to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'd like to still hit 150 at some point, but 165 felt great, so maybe I'll just make that my ultimate goal for maintenance.
Yesterday, my first PP run, at 210 pounds

GOAL!  165 pounds :)