Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday, 7/14/14

My last post is from March, about stress eating.  Needless to say, I haven't gotten any better and I'm the same weight I was when I delivered Michael... a year ago.  :(

Breakfast: 300 cal
Iced Coffee: 150 cal
WG Cheerios w/ uns. Cashew Milk:  150 cal

Snack: 0 cal
shaved ice with sugar free cherry syrup: 0 cal

Lunch: 290 cal
PB&J: 250cal
Pepsi Max:0 cal
Arrowroot Cookies (2): 40 cal

Snack:310 cal
Handful of Grapes: 50 cal
8oz Plain Greek Yogurt: $260 cal

Dinner: 800 cal
White Clam Sauce over Spinach Penne: 600 cal
Garlic Bread: 200 cal

TOTAL EATEN: 1700 calories

EXERCISE: Ran 30 minutes: Burned 300 calories

NET: 1400 calories