Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Healthy Snacking

One of my biggest issues is portion control.  On Sunday, I spent almost two hours organizing snacks for the week.  While it felt like not a big deal, it helped me stay committed yesterday. 

First, I have a bag of oatmeal and a tea bag.  This is the just got up snack.  The hope was that it would encourage me to be active by taking away the initial sting of being hungry and just getting on with the day.  Next, is the PostRun Fruit Smoothie bag, which is a bag of berries and a banana cut up and stored in the freezer that gets blended with a container of Greek yogurt and a cup of water.  The caveat is that I have to do some sort of running or walking before I make it.  I'm on Day 2 and so far, so good.

I have a couple of snacks for the morning and afternoon to be used as needed that all run between 150 calories and 200 calories.  Bags of cheese and a fig bar, jerky and a fig bar, popcorn, hummus and veg, veg and dip, stuffed grape leaves, feta, and olives.  I even portioned out sugar cubes and half & half to go with my coffee and chai tea.  And, because I'm routinely making excuses for why I don't have time for lunch, I bought some healthy, GF freezer meals that I can toss into the oven to bake before I start making the kids lunch.  They range from 200-450 calories.  There's no excuse to not fuel.

I'm a lover of homecooked meals so I make dinner usually.  That's also usually my gutbuster meal because I love and enjoy cooking.  For example, tonight is pork chops.  Now, I like pork chops.   Will I fry?  Make it another way?  I 'm not sure yet.  We shall see.  Peter and the kids love them fried.  I like them multiple ways.  We'll see.

But, I'm on day 2.  Here we go!