I made the choice to change my life and get healthy, after seeing myself in a wedding photo shoot from September 2010.  This is the cutout image of me, September 25, 2010.

A few days later, on the 28th, Peter took this picture of me, prior to our date night at our favorite Italian restaurant.  I weighed 240lbs, down on 10-11lbs from when I delivered Bobby & Maya over a year prior.

I told him then that I knew I needed to make a change and that I was ready.  I was going to learn portion control and what my body needed, caloricly, to thrive.  I wrote my first blog entry here on October 4 and haven't looked back.  A little over a month later, we went to Tennessee for a funeral and took this picture at a local park.

Amazingly, by the end of November, I was down to 227lbs and dropping.  I even lost weight over Thanksgiving.

As the year started to come to a close, my weight began to dip lower and lower as I continued to watch my calories and exercise, while still remembering that it was okay to eat dessert (or whatever) in moderation.  Christmas saw me the smallest I'd been in many Christmas's past, at around 210lbs.

Now, as I sit here in Mid-January, about to make this blog public, I weigh an astonishing 201 lbs.  I had set February 1st as my goal for 200lbs and I know I will make it.  It hasnt been through dieting- it's been through living.  Living a life with portion control, while still being able to eat what I want, cook what I want, and entertain with friends.  It's been through getting 3+ days of outside exercise (in addition to playing with the kids).  People don't believe me when I tell them that I'm not on a diet, not following a book, or checking in with a weight-loss program.  But, for me, this is working.  This is what I have to do in order to live a fuller, healthier life.

It's not about a resolution for a new year.  It's not about being skinny or looking a certain way.  It's about being a healthier me.  For my husband and my children.  For me.

January 12, 2010

To celebrate crossing the 200lb threshhold, Peter and I enjoyed a date to a concert and our favorite restaraunt.  Here I am, at 194 lbs.

And the weight keeps dropping- with work, of course!  Here I am, at 180 lbs, in late-March.

Easter brought with it so many good things, and by the week after, I saw a number on the scale I wasn't expecting: 170!!!
Easter 2011

Mother's Day 2011

After taking the summer off, I'm happy to report that things were still okay, scale wise!
August 2011
Everyone needs a goal, right! If you are anything like me, you might need a lot of goals! Some will be met and some won't be, and that's okay. We're all a work in progress. Just take it one day at a time and one day, we'll cross the finish line together. :)

Starting Weight:  240 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs
Weight Difference: 90 lbs

Starting BMI: 37.6 (Obese)
Goal BMI: 23.5 (Normal)

GOAL by 2/1: 200lbs   GOAL MET: 1/18/11
GOAL by 2/16: 195lbs   GOAL MET: 1/28/11 (halfway point)
GOAL by 3/1: 191lbs   GOAL MET: 2/11/11  ("overweight" BMI)
GOAL by 4/1: 175lbs   GOAL MET: 4/9 (175.5), 4/10 (174.5)
GOAL by 5/1: 170lbs   GOAL MET: 5/4 (Peter's estimated weight)
Goals I'm Working On...
Initial GOAL by 6/7: 159lbs
NEW GOAL: by 10/31: 159lbs
("normal" BMI)
Initial GOAL by 6/30: 150lbs
NEW GOAL: by 1/1/12: 150lbs
(final weight goal!)

October 1, 2010
Pants: 18 (LB), 20

December 1, 2010
Pants: 14 (LB), 16

February 1, 2011
bust- 42
waist- 35
hips- 45
stomach- 40
Pants: 10

April 1, 2011
bust- 36 (40)
waist- 32.5
hips- 42
stomach- 39
Pants- 8s & 10s

June 1, 2011
bust- 35 (39)
waist- 29
Pants- 8s

My Bulge
October 2010:
240 lbs, BMI-37.6
November 2010:
227 lbs, BMI-35.6
December 2010:
218.5 lbs, BMI-34.2
January 2011:
209 lbs, BMI-32.7

February 2011:
194 lbs, BMI- 30.4

March 2011:
185.5 lbs, BMI- 29.1

April 2011:
179.5 lbs, BMI- 28.1

May 2011:
172 lbs, BMI- 26.9

June 2011:
170 lbs, BMI- 26.6
July 2011:
165 lbs, BMI-25.8

last updated August 26, 2011
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